The bit of my business I enjoy doing most is: teaching people how not was a shit ton of money on building products nobody will buy.

We’re so excited to be posting our very first feature for Humans of TwoSpace (HoTS): quirky, getting-to-know-you chats with the incredible, diverse humans that work out of our TwoSpace venues. The goal for HoTS is to create space for conversation so that everyone can get to know each other in the community in a meaningful way… and have engaging, authentic conversations with brilliant individuals!

Huge thank you to Adam for being a great sport and for being our first featured human. You legend! Check out the hilarious and surprising chat with Adam below…

Adam Mussa

Freelance digital consultant (Web Design + Product Management + Project Management + Social Media + Prototyping) at http://www.differentialexperiences.com/


Drink of choice
Stone & Wood Pacific Ale. Itʼs Godʼs nectar.

Have you taken the Myer Briggs test?
No… Iʼve heard itʼs bullshit. I donʼt even know what my IQ is. I donʼt like taking those kinds of tests. I prefer to figure out who I am myself. Maybe I should [take the test].

Watching Simpsons re-runs. I watch a lot of repeat TV shows because I use it as background noise. Itʼs kind of soothing and comforting. Iʼve watched like every Simpsons episode at least 50 times. At least 50 times. But, I mean, when I say all of them, I mean up to Season 21.

Whatʼs your morning routine like?
I wake up as late as humanly possible. I love sleeping, itʼs my favourite thing to do. I also tend to skip breakfast – Probably not a smart thing to do…

How late is late though?
Since Iʼve been working at TwoSpace… 8:45am.

So, you usually go to bed around…
12:30… midnight.

Are you productive at that time?
I find Iʼm more productive at night than I am during the day. Day – I get distracted very easily but when itʼs dark I can focus more. When the lights on and itʼs dark outside, it puts me into that zone where I can focus. I can do my best work at night. Itʼs always been easier for me that way. Less distractions, less noise.

When you were a kid, you wanted to grow up to be…
Formula 1 driver.

Do you follow Formula 1?
Yes. Religiously. I try to go to races wherever we are in the world.

Whatʼs your dream car?
I have a dream garage? I donʼt have the one car… I canʼt.

How many cars would be in this garage?
Thereʼd be about 8 or 9. Fast cars, slow cars, weird cars.

Tell us something unique or surprising about yourself.
I play bass in a band. We’re trying out singers at the moment and we’ll start playing shows next year. If that’s even possible in Sydney anymore?!

Youʼre having a debate. Whatʼs your winning topic of choice?
“Why Michael Schumacher was not the best driver of all time”. Heʼs like the Manchester United of drivers. People who donʼt like football, for example, will automatically usually support Manchester United because they’re the biggest name.

Michael Schumacher is the most winning driver of all time but that doesn’t mean he was the best driver of all time.

If you only had a year left to live, would you change anything in your day- to-day?
If I only had a year left to live… I would probably give up my entire—I would stop working and just go travel the world. Literally follow the F1 calendar around the world with my family. Thatʼs my goal.

How many different places?
21. Youʼd get to see the entire world in one year.

When someone really gets to know you, theyʼll discover that…
I tend to think back on things a lot.

In one sentence, can you describe what you do in an unconventional way?
The bit of my business I enjoy doing most is: teaching people how not was a shit ton of money on building products nobody will buy.

Thanks again to Adam Mussa, check him out at Differential Experiences!


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